Mercedes GT AMG Performmaster upgrade to 612 HP

Mercedes GT AMG Performmaster Engine Control unit

Stock performance:


0 to 100km/h -4,0 sec.
0 to 200km/h - 11,7 sec.


0 to 100km/h -3,8 sec.
0 to 200km/h - 11,5 sec.

PEC Tuning performance: 

0 to 100km/h -3,6 sec.
0 to 200km/h - 10,2 sec.

Power enhancement and Vmax delimiter in one PEC tuning-module
AMG tuning with CAN bus technology


OEM quality and standards
All electronic components are protected by the robust housing
It is heat resistant and can be placed in the engine compartment
The quality wiring harness is also heat resistant and water prooved
All cable connections and connectors are designed and manufactured specifically and exclusively for high-performance cars

All the advantages of CAN bus at a glance:
Performance tuning and Vmax delimiter in a single tuning module
No disruption or manipulation of the original engine control unit
Monitoring of all vehicle values in real time
Tuning starts only at an optimum operating temperature of the engine
All stock motor protection functions remain intact
All factory engine updates are still possible
Tuning remains after each service update
Vehicle remains diagnosable
Residue dismantling possible

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Mercedes GT AMG Performmaster upgrade to 612 HP

  • Manufactured by: STEINBAUER
  • Available time 3-5 days


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