VW Polo ABT POWER 1,6 TDI for 105 HP

VW Polo (6R0) 1,6 ltr. TDI from 77 kW (105 HP), 250 Nm to approx. 92 kw (125 HP), 285 Nm

Consisting of: ABT-ECU (AEC), bracket set, cable harness and mounting kit

Please be aware!
For the feasibility of the ABT Power modification it is mandatory to check in advance the ECU number and software version of the car.
A requirement for the performance of the ABT Power modification is the error-free condition of the standard vehicle. To check the faultless function of all relevant components for the engine upgrade a thorough check of the vehicle is mandatory.
It is mandatory to state the (VIN)chassisnumber - as well as precheck the ECU number and softwareversion!

Excl. Mounting costs and TÜV


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VW Polo ABT POWER 1,6 TDI for 105 HP

  • Model: 6R0116125CAYC/1
  • Manufactured by: ABT Sportsline
  • Available time 3-5 days


incl. 19 % VAT

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